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Umrah has changed .....Now we must embrace the new realities of travel.....Join the Global Umrah Event and Expo brought to you by Funadiq and Umrah Companions. Let's share, learn and serve again Live virtual event for connecting global Umrah travellers and agents with hotels, transport, catering and Umrah companies from Makkah Al Mukaramah & Madinah Al Munawarah to refresh the relationships, build new connections, discuss prices, negotiate contracts and learn from each other. As well as bringing together Umrah travellers and sharing knowledge and first hand experiences from guest speakers on Umrah post Covid-19. Mingle and network with Muslims from around the globe, plan upcoming travel and learn more about everything the Holy Cities have to offer. Attendees will: Discover what’s new in Umrah arrangements in 2022 and beyond. Learn more about the digitized Umrah booking system, gain knowledge and expertise so you can book travel with confidence and ease. Strengthen your supplier partnerships and help build new ones. Attend webinar sessions from experts and influencers to enhance your knowledge and get up-to-date news on restrictions and current events. Network with suppliers and fellow travellers in a group or one-on-one text, audio and video sessions. Grow your Umrah services and deliver the best packages to your pilgrims. Let's meet suppliers of: Hotels at Makkah Al Mukaramah Hotels at Madinah Al Munawarah Umrah Companies Transport Companies Catering Companies Allotment Companies Airlines Online Travel Agencies Manpower Agencies Wholesale & Retails Merchandising Companies and more..... Meet Umrah Travel Agents and travellers from Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, United Kingdom, South Africa, GCC, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Canada, United States, Nigeria and 30 other countries are attending this event.


13th & 14th



  • Abdulwahhab Dada


    Abdulwahhab Dada is an Engineering Graduate of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals. He has been serving Umrah & Hajj Sector over 20 years and understand well the dynamics of international business. His on-ground experience, relationship with stakeholders & the ability to foresee the future of religious travel has made him the most sought-after participant of this event.

  • Salman Omrani

    Digital Transformation Advisor

    Salman Omrani is Life Coach & Motivational Speaker from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is fluent in Arabic, English & Urdu languages. Salman has been instrumental for youth and professionals to upscale their performance through personal coaching.

  • Majed Saud Kaki

    VP, Elaf Group

    Majed Saud Kaki is Vice President of Travel & Tourism at ELAF GROUP that is a premier, fast growing leader in the Middle East Travel & Tourism Industry based in Saudi Arabia and firmly rooted in the local market. Elaf Group provides its clients the most exclusive travel, tourism and hotel accommodation services in the region.

  • Talha Bin Masood

    Director Sales, Kiswa Towers

    Assistant Director Sales & Marketing, Al Kiswah Towers Hotel Makkah is a dynamic Hospitality leader with extensive understanding of global pilgrimage sector.

  • Basharat Hussain

    Sales Manager, Le Meridian Towers

    A seasoned professional with solid industry experience in a variety of capacities. Superior leadership skills & flexibility to adopt to face any challenges. Proven confidence and success in industry development & strategic planning. Excellent communication & presentation abilities. Strong team player who thrives in a fast-paced environment.

  • Mohammad Al Otaibi

    CEO, Nada Al Tamouh Umrah Company

    CEO, Nada Al Tamouh Umrah Company is an experienced businessman from Makkah Al Mukarama. From many years, Mohammad has been contributing in overall uplifting of Umrah and Hajj Sector.

  • Anas Amaar

    Executive Director, Emaar Al Diyafa Group

    Anas has been part of Muslim pilgrimage sector in last 25 years. His contribution as Sales & Marketing professional has created global impact. He has built organizations that has changed the sector for decades.

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Salman Arain CEO

Entrepreneur | Advisor | CEO 3.0 – a Leader who can see into the Future with 25 years of Global (North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia) experience as Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur, Advisor, CEO & Philanthropist at building organizations, high-performance teams, and leading Digital Strategy Development & Transformation programs at multi-Million-dollar corporations.


February 13th, 2022

  • 15:00 Salman Omrani
    Muslim Pilgrimage & Digitization
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  • 20:00 Abdulwahhab Dada
    New Umrah Policy
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  • February 14th, 2022

  • 17:00 Anas Amaar
    Future of Religious Travel
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  • 14:00 Abdulwahhab Dada
    Umrah Digital Transformation
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  • 15:00 Basharat Hussain
    Post-Covid 19 - Hotel Readiness
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  • 11:00 Salman Arain
    Together We Can Change
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  • 14:00 Talha Bin Masood
    Now, How to Make Hotel Reservations
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  • 11:00 Mohammad Al Otaibi
    Role of External Agent under new Umrah System
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